Are You Using Microsoft Teams To It’s Fullest Potential

Currently we are in unprecedented times and unable to mix freely with others, as we are during the most serious pandemic of our lifetime. But this has forced one thing to happen, online meetings and communication.

Even the most resistant of staff have had to work from home and get on board with the online revolution and when it comes to remote communication Microsoft Teams is up there as one of the best. It is a fantastic way to communicate and work with others and we have put together a few tips and tricks to help you use it to its full potential.

Collaborate Better With Others

  • Private messaging
You can work much better with others by being in touch regularly and messaging them directly, if you @mention them by name and then type a message into the search bar it will send them a message privately. You can have these ongoing discussions with countless members of your team and easily communicate information.
  • Quick call or video call functionality
There is an option to call or video call someone straight from the chat, this is a very simple and easy way to deal with an issue and sync your information. Speaking directly is nearly always more efficient than chatting by text.
  • In-Line Chat Translation
You can instantly convert chats into any language. This enables you to jump language barriers and network and collaborate with anyone around the world.

Stay Organised

  • Drag and drop
You can drag and drop your teams into the order you want. Let’s face it, projects and priorities change, work is fluid. Changing the order of your teams gives you the flexibility to put your priorities at the top and move them when you need to.
  • Managing a Team
Teams are always dynamic, and you may assign people specific project that then need to change or new team members join while others leave. You can manage who is on your team by adding owners, members or guests, and remove those who are no longer relevant to the team.  As team owner, you can also see all Channels and Apps in the team.

Focus Your Attention

  • Bookmark content or a message
Whilst in a chat simply click on the icon for bookmark. Then if you want to find the chats you bookmarked later type /saved into the search bar and they come up as a list.
  • Filter Activity using @mentions 
Just click on activity then click filter and you can choose the option of @mentions. This way you only see things that are personal to you and not every generic message that was sent to the whole team. It’ll help you focus on those important conversations and enable you to build your to do list and feel less overwhelmed if you have a very active feed.

So, hopefully by using some of these tips you can make Microsoft Teams work for you. 

At JSP Virtual we pride ourselves on providing the most up to date ways of working with you and often deal with clients using Microsoft Teams, so if you have any questions or would like any ongoing support please contact us here

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