How Can a VA Get Your Cash Flowing Again?

What is the biggest headache a business owner has? Cash flow is usually right up there! And the reason behind the problem is usually unpaid invoices.

However efficient your team are at getting the work done and getting the invoices out, until they are paid it means nothing. And in the worst cases it can actually have serious consequences for the business.

So, you need to get on top of your credit control and debt recovery, but what are the advantages of outsourcing them?

Saves awkwardness

Let’s face it not everyone is cut out for chasing payments from people, as you need to have a firm approach and be able to stand your ground. When you have a well-established client relationship in place this can be difficult to manage if they aren’t paying their bills. By outsourcing it to a VA or other agency you can take the pressure off yourself, knowing that your clients will be dealt with professionally and the invoices will be paid. Even better if it is your VA and they already understand your business ethos and processes.

Saves time

It can be time consuming to chase up invoices, perhaps go through and reconcile balances and find missing payments. All time that could be better spent serving clients or developing new business. By having specialists take care of the credit control you don’t need to spend time learning how to do it all yourself. Instead of being the bottom of your to-do list it can be the top of your VA’s.

Saves money

At the end of the day invoices not being paid costs you money, lack of cash flow can put a business under. Paying a set fee to a VA service to deal with your credit control and debt chasing can pay for itself quickly. Dealing with queries and getting hold of decision makers, they can get to the bottom of why those old bills remain unpaid and get the money flowing back in again.

Get the experts in!

At JSP we are Xero Certified and Lauren who is our credit control specialist, spent 15yrs in HMRC chasing taxes so if she can get those paid, she can get anything paid! James is another member of the team and he used to be in the IFA, and knows accounts inside out. So, if you need any help with credit control or debt recovery, just let us know because we’d love to help! Please contact us here:

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