Misconceptions Around A Virtual Assistant

Misconceptions Around A VA

So, what is the main purpose of using a virtual assistant?

There’s a widespread misconception in the business world that a VA is a temporary solution.

Although in the past, a business would approach a recruitment agency and hire a temporary administrative assistant for additional cover, these days, freelance VAs are available directly and offer a vastly superior service!

Whereas, in days gone by, a ‘temp’ might provide minimal services as a stopgap solution, VA services are a very different matter.

In short, a virtual assistant is a professional who seeks clients who need a long-term solution in order that they can be of more benefit.

Moreover, they can become one of the teams.

The Bigger Picture

A virtual assistant offers freelance business support and is a business owner in their own right.

Consequently, they have an appreciation of the issues that smaller businesses face.

As such, the aim of a VA is to take the reins of your admin whilst you, as a business owner, go out and focus on developing your business. For example, if you want to progress and grow your business, it’s evident you need to be concentrating on finding more customers.

Therefore, if you’re acting as head cook and bottle washer, a VA can help hugely in making appointments, booking travel, giving marketing support or chasing payments.

Moreover, it stands to reason that the support works better as a long-term arrangement.

Ongoing Support

Whilst business owners may have a seasonal or temporary need where they need help, often there’s a need for fewer hours but ongoing support.

Therefore, in terms of support, a virtual assistant is the perfect longer-term solution.

Whilst not an employee, a VA can complement the rest of your team.

With a wide range of skill sets, most VA’s are adept at all things technological.

Consequently, they can be an enormous help with a range of tasks. For example, marketing is an area of support which lends itself to freelance support.

As such, a VA can write content, manage your social media accounts and carry out email marketing campaigns too. 

The Added Benefits

It’s not necessary to be employed by a business to become part of their team.

More often than not, a VA will have a long relationship with their clients. For instance, business owners needing support with their credit control, research, diary keeping, data management and more, will all benefit hugely by working with a freelance administrator.

Whilst an employee will cost a business in terms of sick and holiday pay, a self-employed VA will not.

Furthermore, National Insurance and pension contributions, IT and office equipment are all areas equally irrelevant when hiring freelance support. 

A Long Term Solution

A virtual assistant is a long-term solution for all sorts of businesses.

Whilst there are the means to communicate online, there’s no need to even hire a local VA.

As such, as a business owner, you can hire a VA who’s been recommended by those you know or with similar needs.

Therefore, you can be absolutely sure you’re getting the right fit for your business.

To learn more, get in touch with us today.

This blog was produced in collaboration with providers of Vehicle Weighing Solutions: Weightru, and producers of Comfortable Shoes: Jhuti.

At JSP Virtual we pride ourselves on providing a range of VA services, so if you have any questions or would like any ongoing support please contact us here: www.jspvirtual.co.uk
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