Three 3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Admin

Business is growing and you are spending too much time answering emails, updating a database or other day to day tasks and you really want to work on your business more and in it less. Someone suggests that you should outsource your admin to a VA, but perhaps you are hesitant to give work to someone who is outside of your organisation. What if they get it wrong? Well here are some distinct advantages that might just change your mind!

Cost effective

There are none of the commitments you have when you take on a new employee – no sick pay, holiday pay or national insurance and pension worries. You don’t even need to supply a desk space for a VA as they work remotely. You can agree a contract whereby you only pay for the hours they work, so if one month you need extra there’s no need to commit to that every month. VAs are a reflection of your business so when you are busy, they will be busy and vice versa, it’s a very synchronised relationship.

Experienced staff

Virtual Assistants usually have an extensive background in business and specialise in administrative tasks. They can type up meeting notes in a flash, update your CRM system, chase debts if they offer credit control like we do, or other tasks a PA might usually do, all in a far more efficient way than you can. VAs are extremely adaptable and don’t just come in doing things their own way, they will work in harmony with your business. At JSP we want you to treat us like your admin department. We will adhere to your rules and regulations and work alongside you, no black magic just good old fashioned teamwork.

New perspective

You might even find that a new set of eyes on your processes and systems brings with it some new ideas and more efficient working practices. At JSP we integrate ourselves smoothly into your business, but we are not afraid to make suggestions if we believe we can help. Many people also find the actual procedure of deciding what a VA can do in their business helps them view their own processes differently and can really improve things going forward. It can also free up your time to focus on more complex or enjoyable areas of your business, and who doesn’t want to do that?
The recent pandemic has proved that working remotely has many benefits. We believe social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future, so why not outsource to an experienced setup with no social distancing issues to worry about!

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