Top Tips on Forming a Relationship with a VA to get the Best Value

Finding the right fit

Hiring a Virtual Assistant may well be the best thing a smaller business owner could do.

The list of benefits is lengthy in hiring freelance business support. However, there are certain ways in which you can maximise the positive impact a VA can have on your business.

As such here are our top tips on forming a relationship to optimise their value.


First and foremost, once you’ve chosen your VA, it’s crucial to lay a good foundation.

Therefore, investing the necessary time in a planned induction process will be beneficial in the long run. For instance, giving your VA access to the necessary files, accounts and programmes will be invaluable.

Equally, sharing processes, key information and contacts will all ensure you get the very best value of service.

Share Goals

Seeing your relationship with your VA as team-based is a great approach.

Moreover, in addition to setting tasks and deadlines, sharing your objectives and goals will prove useful.

As any good VA will themselves be a business owner in their own right, they will understand many of the issues you face.

Consequently, by sharing what you hope to achieve and the obstacles you may encounter, you’ll have a team player at your disposal.

As such, the more you share with your VA, the more valuable an asset to your business they will become.


As with any relationship, personal or business, good communication is vital.

Therefore, it’s essential that you acknowledge the need for regular communication with your VA, regardless of their working remotely. For instance, regular catch ups will allow your VA to recognise priorities and work accordingly.

Similarly, by getting to know your VA’s strengths better, it may well be they can help in unforeseen areas.

Furthermore, they may be able to offer helpful suggestions and an alternative viewpoint in terms of business development.

Evolve As Things Grow

Developing and growing your relationship with a VA alongside your business brings enormous value.

For instance, it will become evident that there is a wide range of support that your VA is able to offer. Whilst your business grows and evolves, so too will your relationship and associated trust in your VA.

The flexibility of hiring a VA will ensure that as your needs change and evolve, so too will your relationship.

As such, as business expands, your VA can support you further and release even more of your time to develop your business further. 

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This blog was produced in collaboration with Oxford Taxis Service from The Oxford Minibus Company.

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