The Importance of Answering Calls 

An important part of running a business is knowing how to handle calls professionally. Many times, the first contact a potential customer has with a company is through the telephone. If the call is not answered in a timely manner or if it’s not handled correctly, that potential customer may decide to do business with one of your competitors. 

Here are some tips on handling calls like a pro: 

  • Answer the phone promptly – within three rings if possible. If you have a voicemail, make sure it’s professional and courteous. 
  • Identify yourself – give your name and the company’s name right away. 
  • Be polite – use please and thank you. 
  • Listen – let the caller finish before interjecting or placing them on hold. 
  • Don’t place calls on hold unless absolutely necessary and if you do, come back on the line as soon as possible. No one likes to be left hanging! 
  • Take clear messages – ask for the caller’s name, number, and what they need so you can return their call promptly. Don’t forget to repeat back the message to ensure accuracy. 
  • Return calls promptly – within 24 hours if possible. This shows you are responsive to your customers’/clients’ needs. 


Simply put, answer your calls! You never know when that next big client is going to call needing your services urgently. Missed calls often lead to missed opportunities which could eventually lead to missed revenue for your business. By following these tips, you can rest assured that you will sound polished and professional when handling calls—and that those potential leads won’t fall through the cracks!

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