What does it mean to you to be a part of a business community?

To see so many businesses that are flourishing is so rewarding, especially within the East Midlands community. Being able to be around like-minded people who are as passionate about their businesses as I am is heartwarming.I love to see the successes of other businesses and being able to support that is a dream come true for me and JSP Virtual.

It was my absolute pleasure to congratulate Nisha Pahuja who won our sponsored category ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ last night.

We were nominated for Real Entrepreneurs East Midlands awards in May 2022  – bringing together a community who supports one another.
Being a part of a club like this can help you to show resilience and integrity within your work along with sharing advice and learning new tips and tricks from the community.
I was humbled to have been nominated for ‘Start-up Entrepreneur’ at this year’s awards.
However, the main thing for me was that JSP Virtual has proudly sponsored the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ award. This is presented to somebody who shows passion in everything they do, and that holds the ability to captivate whomever they speak with whilst inspiring and empowering others.
The Importance of Answering Calls 

The Importance of Answering Calls 

An important part of running a business is knowing how to handle calls professionally. Many times, the first contact a potential customer has with a company is through the telephone. If the call is not answered in a timely manner or if it’s not handled correctly, that...

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